How Gregory Aziz is Helping National Steel Car Reach New Heights

The recent success of National Steel Car certainly has to be credited to Greg Aziz, but he would tell you that the credit lies elsewhere. National Steel Car has become the world’s leader in freight car manufacturing and engineering, backed with over 100 years of dedication to meeting and then exceeding the expectations of customers. Dating all the way back to 1912, National Steel Car has been evolving into the global leader it has become today, and the cornerstone of the company may surprise some.


According to National Steel Car president Gregory J Aziz, the secret to the overall success of this company comes down to the people he employs. Aziz says there are over two-thousand employees at his company, and they are responsible for the growth of the brand and the awards that have followed. Over the past decade, National Steel Car has been recognized for excellence with the TTX SECO award every year. The employees of the company all have worked hard following a set of core values that separates this brand from all the rest, and awards are just confirmation they are succeeding at their goals.


Looking at how National Steel Car has distanced themselves from the competition, Gregory James Aziz says his team work hard towards one goal by following a certain course of action. First, the team at National Steel Car are determined to always be in the lead and not allow themselves to simply follow the herd. Next, the workers have pride in their workmanship, excelling to be better than they were yesterday. Then, they all move forward with a determination and persistence that is unrivaled in this day and age. Finally, everyone that works at National Steel Car understands the past and works to honor that tradition.


If that wasn’t enough, Aziz says everyone at his company is committed to giving back. Although they call Ontario home and do many charitable things for the local organizations from the Theater Aquarius to the Hamilton Opera, efforts are being made to reach a global audience in need of help as well. By working closely with the Salvation Army and United Way, National Steel Car is able to give back to those who are less fortunate. On a local front. Aziz says he pays his employees much higher than the national average so that money is able to trickle back to the local businesses that thrive from a community that robust. Visit This Page for related information.

Greg Aziz Plans for the Future

The Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car is Gregory James Aziz and they should be grateful to have him. He has served faithfully as the Chairman of the Board and has also served as the Chairman of the National Industries, Inc.


Greg James Aziz is a native of Canada. He grew up in the Ontario province within the city of Hamilton, which later would become the base for his National Steel Car business.

Greg Aziz gained most of his wisdom during his education years at Western University. Here, he learned the ropes of economics and received a degree in said field. It was this wisdom that would help Greg Aziz as he led National Steel Car to celebrate its 100th year in business.


Greg Aziz accomplished this momentous feat by putting his wisdom into practice. The first thing he did was teach those working at National Steel Car that they needed to look to the future, anticipate the needs, and innovate for those needs today. In other words, he led them to bring the future into today. He noticed that National Steel Car was just riding the waves of their past successes. If they wanted to cross the century line, they needed to prepare for that new century.

Through his leadership, he led the company to develop rail cars that used 90% fewer emissions. This could be sustained with larger rail cars and for further distances than their competition. Considered that this change occurred during a time when Canada was implementing stricter environmental laws, it is no wonder why National Steel Car rose to the top of the pile in North America. See This Page for more information.


Greg Aziz then doubled down on the four foundations of any good business. He thanked his customers for their continued loyalty and promise them that he would continue leading his company to produce custom content that matched their personal needs. He then thanked his suppliers for giving them the materials needed at affordable prices. He showed them that if they continued to do this, he would lift all their businesses with his. He then thanked his workforce, which numbered 2,000, for all their dedication and their hard work. Lastly, he thanked the various executives for backing his vision and bringing it throughout the rest of the business.

Greg Aziz would be honored as the CEO who secured the future of National Steel Car for another 100 years.



Osteoarthritis and the Osteo Relief Institute

‘Osteo Relief Institute’ submits that osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis which leads to the cartilage degeneration. This is the soft tissue found between joints. Due to the wear and tear of the cartilage the friction between the bare bones leads to excruciating pain. There is swelling in the area and stiffness too. As this condition advances, one loses strength in the joints and pain becomes a regular experience.


Risk Factors for Osteoarthritis


Some of the red lights for osteoarthritis are family history and age. Apart from this, people should also look out for excessive weight and injury. It is important to note that the condition is incurable and that victims should contend with proper management of their condition (PhillyPurge). If patients stick to a well-prepared management plan, the levels of success in alleviating pain and coping with the condition will be remarkable. A good routine has to factor in medication, exercise, and diet.

Osteo Relief Institute


The ‘Osteo Relief Institute’ is based in New Jersey where it provides care to patients with osteoarthritis ( Owing to the advanced technology the clinic has, it is able to help in the palliative care service it offers patients. The technology applied here is certified and approved by the FDA.


By offering this palliative care, the facility helps patients avoid gruesome and often expensive surgery. The ‘Osteo Relief Institute’ is liked by patients who claim it has pleasant staff and that one does not have to wait annoyingly for a cue. Some patients even refer to their experience as the most pleasant doctor’s appointment they’d had in a long time.


The ‘Osteo Relief Institute’ has opened its doors to all patients suffering from Osteoarthritis. The institute is open from 9 am till 5 pm in the evening. As per the reviews, staff at the clinic is eager to meet patients and begin palliative treatment as directed by the clinic doctor.


Apart from the friendly service patients get here, the relief they experience is enough to encourage them to introduce others suffering from their condition. That they are able to experience relief after some rounds of treatment without surgery seems to be a blessing to the majority. Many have expressed their disillusionment after visiting a couple of orthopedic surgeons in the country without successful remedy.

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An in depth look at Eli Gershkovitch:

Eli Gershkovitch is the founder of Steamworks Brewery. Eli Gershkovitch always had an interest in visiting different breweries and observing the beer making process.Of course, Eli Gershkovitch never was shy about asking a great deal of questions when he would visit the various breweries.


Afrer graduating from law school over two decades ago Eli Gershkovitch he began traveling throughout Europe mainly visiting breviaries. He tasted several freshly brewed beers and spoke to brewery owners in order to gain more knowledge about the business (


Gershkovitch decided to utilize his law degree from University of Toronto therefore, he opened a law practice within the Vancouver area. In the meantime, Eli Gershkovitch continued to research his ambitions about one day opening his own brewery.


Eli Gershkovitch was particularly in the concept of steam power brewing. Steam Power Brewing at the time was a fairly new technique that in fact have been a distinct and rich taste.


In 1995 Eli Gershkovitch fulfilled his dream when he opened Steamworks Brewery (imbd). Gershkovitch started out with six different flavors of the beer. He works tirelessly at night after managing his law practice during the day. Steamworks did quite well and in 2013 Gershkovitch decided to build a full-service brewery.


Within 2 years Gershkovitch’s new brewery became one of the largest and most successful breweries in all of Western Canada. Eli Gershkovitch says that it was through his creativity and ambition that enabled him to succeed in his new business venture. In addition, Gershkovitch is a firm believer that you can not be afraid to take chances. Taking risks can sometimes pay off nicely.


Finally, Eli Gershkovitch is a successful businessman as well as an attorney. However, when his new business ideas turned into a phenomenal success he decided to abandon his law practice.

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Glen Wakeman Looks To Help Startups Overcome The Bumps and Mistakes That Often Lead To Failure

Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC., which is a company that helps early-stage entrepreneurs get their businesses off of the ground. He graduated from the University of Scranton with a Bachelor’s of Science in finance and economics in 1981 and earned his MBA in finance while attending the University of Chicago in 1993. After this, he worked with GE Capital; eventually becoming the President and CEO of the company. Now with LaunchPad, Wakeman has helped small and large companies to get the ball rolling with their enterprises, and his guidance of start-ups, divestitures, new market entries, and M&As has resulted in the success of many other entrepreneurs and companies.

On top of being the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC., Glen Wakeman is a writer and investor. His blog posts on a range of business topics have reached many people whose lives have been changed by his expert advice. A typical day for him includes checking in with the numbers from the previous day and splitting up the duties of the workday with his partners (TheBroTalk). One thing that gets Wakemen excited is what he terms as machine learning to business problems, which is the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of data available to businesses and entrepreneurs who can use it to improve their numbers and other aspects of how they do business.

The idea for LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. came from the fact that Glen Wakeman likes to invest in winning ideas. He saw that way too many startups were failing and believed he could do something about it. He encourages new companies to take a deeper look at their business ideas and to realize that an idea is not enough. Every successful company needs to have a solid plan, and they need to follow through with the details of their plan. He saw that the need was there for a software platform that was simple and that would help entrepreneurs with everything they needed to build the successful enterprise they envisioned in the first place.

One of Glen Wakeman’s favorite books is the Art of War by Sun Tzu as he feels like it is the best strategy book that was ever written.

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American Diabetes Association’s Role in Supporting Research in Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has provided financial assistance to about 5,000 diabetes research projects for over 60 years. For instance, the association once rewarded Dr. Mark Holterman with Innovative Research Award. The association aids researchers through arms such as the Core Research Program.


ADA’s Innovative Basic Science (IBS) Award is designed for those dealing with the causes of diabetes and how they affect treatment. The award gives privilege to those dealing with early-stage research, and those expected to bring a significant impact. The Innovative Clinical or Translational Science (ICTS) Grant is specifically for doctors using people as research subjects when putting their medical theories into practice.


ADA and CHLA Collaborate in Addressing Type 2 Diabetes in the Youth


At the beginning of September this year, ADA and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) declared their decision to work together under Camp PowerUp, to address the high cases of type 2 diabetes in children and teenagers. ADA and CHLA are seeking to lower the risk of these children developing diabetes by becoming active and eating healthy foods.


ADA, an organization to which Dr. Mark Holterman is a member, seeks to target children between eight and 16 years old (ReleaseFact). The experience of the two groups is expected to play an essential role in addressing this challenge.


Who Is Dr. Mark Holterman?



Mark Holterman works at the University of Illinois College of Medicine as a full professor ( He joined the university in 2011. Besides, he works at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Illinois as a pediatric surgeon. He has two offices, one in Maywood and the other in Peoria, Illinois. He has worked for almost three decades specializing mainly in pediatric surgery and general surgery. In his career, he has won four awards.


Dr. Mark Holterman joined Yale University between 1976 and 1980 for his Bachelor of Arts, General Biology. He then proceeded to the University of Virginia between 1980 and 1988 for his MD and Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology. In his early days, he worked at Seattle Children’s Hospital between 1993 and 1995 as a fellowship in pediatric surgery. By 2012, he had founded Mariam Global Health and become the CEO.


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Saving on Energy-Stream Energy

Everyone is a witness of how they have once or even twice received a huge electricity bill without their expectation. The first question everyone asks themselves is that how can the bill be so higher and how they can manage to reduce the bill as well as the use of energy in their place of work and even at home. It is not easy to realize but the electrical devices in homes which are pugged to power whether they are being used or not they consume energy. The equipment may not be wasting a lot of energy, but the energy adds up every day. It is advisable for one to switch off the gadgets they are not using to save on energy as they reduce the bill.

One may not realize how the entertainment devices consume energy, but the tools can cost $130 per year, and it is good to save the money or use on other expenses ( All that an individual needs is thoroughness, and they will be protected from specter drain of huge bills. It is also crucial to check on the daily usage of energy using the energy monitoring device.

Stream Energy is a marketing organization which their primary focus is on natural gas and electricity. The firm has their location in the United States of America. The natural gas and electricity group was created in 2004 with the primary purpose of delivering energy, wireless, protective, as well as home services ( The Stream Energy which has their Headquarters in Tollway Center, Dallas was established by their co-founders Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki after the deregulation of the Texas Energy market.

On January 2005 the energy firm was registered by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas the day it was officially launched and began their operations. Ever since their inception; the company has been growing, and they have expanded their services as well as products to other regions among them; Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. Stream Energy has been marketing their services through word of mouth and through that many people earn a commission for spreading the news about the energy firm and their services. Founded on a substantial value, the energy organization continues to revolutionize their services as they build a strong relationship with their clients connecting them to things that are significant.

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The Scientific Research And Beliefs Of Jorge Moll

Brazilian neuroscientists have begun to reveal the nature of morality. Scientists have made the discovery the brain hides traumatic memories. As the D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching’s Director, this subject is of interest to Jorge Moll. He believes there is a deep neurobiological basis rooted in morality and feels what is important is each individual’s values and not the values themselves. He sees Brazilian society as hedonistic and feels this is influenced by creation, culture, and genetic inheritance.


Jorge Moll has studied altruism’s foundation and believes people come together through their affinities ( This can be a football team or a religion, but these emotions are distributed by the brain and linked to emotions. The adaptation of morality is a combination of abstract social concepts and emotions. The perception of what is laziness or generosity. Jorge Moll believes these concepts are processed by the anterior temporal cortex of the brain and acquire emotional relevance.

Neuroscience uses a variety of tools to understand the networks of the brain, and brain activity is measured with magnetic resonance. This is how Jorge Moll participated in a classic study regarding altruism. In 2006, the team’s results showed making money and donating activate the same reward system. Another moral compass is the study of psychopaths because their lack of morality indicates a neuropsychiatric disease. Although they have the capability to make moral judgments, their actions are not in accordance.


According to Jorge Moll, there is a large capacity for attachment in human beings. The people who help guide his life and share his affinities are the ones he values and clings to. He believes attachment is important regarding human morality but can lead to irrational attitudes when without discernment and in excess. He sees this when a team is defended despite playing poorly, or a political party receives support when they are unable to admit to crimes perpetrated by the party or their members. Morality is now seen by researchers as an emerging property. Select behaviors evolved because they guaranteed the individual would survive. When values are violated or threatened, a society can lose values and become easy to manipulate.

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Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Working Towards Rehabilitating Hispanic Community in Arizona

Even though in macro view the world has been progressing fast and many sectors are developing at a massive pace and scale, in micro opinion, there are still many aspects of human society that needs correction. There are still millions of people going to sleep hungry each day, and much more are dying of hunger and due to lack of clean drinking water and basic sanitation. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Many other issues need to be taken care of, but thanks to the pace in which the world is moving ahead, many of the essential aspects of human civilization are being neglected and missed. These issues, however, are crucial and must be taken care of as it can and would impact the future of the world.

Thankfully, many organizations are working to rehabilitate these people, but it is the onus of the people of the world to help each other and reach out to those that need a helping hand. Until and unless the society as a whole comes together to support those in need, there would always be a few gaps left. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The human rights violations are also increasing around the world, and it is not only limited to the war-stricken zones in the world, especially in the Gulf and Middle Eastern region, but in developed countries like the United Kingdom and the United States as well.

The atrocities on the civilians by the police are also something that has been catching the attention of the world media, and it is the frequency of such incidents that is, in particular, more shocking.

Many organizations are working round the clock to rehabilitate the people who are in need of food, shelter, basic sanitation, medical support, financial support, education, and more.

Many of these organizations are also helping the victims of the human rights abuse from around the globe. Few of the most well-known and respected agencies in the field of human rights are Amnesty International, Global Rights, Protection International, Human Rights Trust, Human Rights Watch, International Committee of Red Cross, and more.

One of the most popular human right abuse cases that were reported in the United States recently was the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, co-owners of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

They were arrested without any valid reasons by the Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, who is regarded as one of the most controversial sheriffs in the country.  Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

However, their arrest didn’t last long and was released within twenty-four hours itself as there was a national uproar due to their wrongful arrest. After release, they filed a lawsuit against the state, which they won comfortably along with $3.75 million in settlement amount.

The settlement amount was made into Frontera Fund that supports migrant rights, works towards the rehabilitation of Hispanic community, and helps many organizations that work towards the same cause.

Some of the agencies that are supported by Frontera Fund are Arizona Justice Project, American Immigration Council. Aliento, Promise Arizona, No More Deaths, SySTEM Phoenix, Center for Neighborhood Leadership, and more.