The Oxford Club Helps Investors Scale New Heights

The Oxford Club is a member’s delight as they teach important investing principles that maximize returns while minimizing risk. Their market knowledge is extensive and they use it to produce newsletters and trading services that takes a ton of legwork out of the equation for those wishing to construct a market-beating portfolio. They are a private group of entrepreneurs and investors that span the globe in 131 countries and number more than 157,000 members.


Alexander Green is the Chief Investment Strategist for The Oxford Club and he’s a best-selling author who is brimming with market knowledge and insights. The Oxford Communique is their flagship newsletter and full of his timely market analysis and trading ideas that can liven up a dull portfolio. His Beyond Wealth essay series is also a part of this effort and contains interesting topics such as politics, philosophy, and ideas for healthy living. This is put forth monthly and subscribers also receive updates on the model investment portfolio.


Every modern economy depends upon affordable and reliable energy sources and this sector is rife with opportunity for investors. The Advanced Energy Strategist is one of The Oxford Club’s trading services that teaches members how to capitalize on this vital economic engine that powers the globe. David Fessler has become a specialist in this area and leads this effort.


The Oxford Club is ambitious to help their members realize the quality of life that comes with financial independence. This notion goes beyond money and one’s focus can change to friends, family, and efforts to help local communities. The editorial team assembled and led by Green is staffed with experienced market experts that give every member the chance to gain financial freedom.


Membership is available in three categories beginning with the Premier level which is for those who subscribe to one of the newsletters. The Director’s Circle steps it up and gives members access to all three newsletters with a full range of market strategies. The Chairman’s Circle is the highest level and provides access to special features on the website and access to all publications. The Oxford Club helps its members take their investing to new heights.

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