Jorge Moll and His 2006 Study on Morality That Changed the Field of Neuroscience

You can find many research studies online that try to explain human morality and why people donate to charities when they can keep the money for themselves and increase their chances of survival. However, a study that stands out in the industry seems to be the 2006 paper that Jorge Moll and neuroscientist Jordan Grafman did for the National Institute of Health. Their study is still one of the most talked about results in the academe mainly because it poses a lot of questions on the physiology of the brain about altruism and morality.


The Change of Assumptions


It’s not that much of a stretch to say here that Jorge Moll’s study upended people’s understanding of morality. His work’s findings also act as a robust validation of what years of philosophy and religions have always proven and advocated, which is the fact that people are naturally generous. Nature has made man to sometimes put others first and to make the act of giving as natural as eating and procreating. It is also through Jorge Moll’s study that scientists can now change their assumptions on how human’s morality compass works.


An article from Release Fact also claims that this study by Mr. Moll would now be part of the growing series of studies that try to explain how humans and animals make ethical decisions for stressful situations. An amusing anecdote in his work has even spread online, and this was about a rat who refused to eat after knowing that doing so would administer electric shocks to another rat.


The Passionate Neuroscientist


It is the interest of Jorge Moll to always push the frontiers in Cognitive Neuroscience. It is evident in all of the research work that he’s part of the passionate scientists that want to trace the neural basis of humans’ tendency for empathy.


His specialty in cognitive neuroscience has also opened up a lot of avenues of discussion and more research to find cures to pressing social behavior problems today, which include murder, psychopathy and antisocial violence. It is also an outstanding element in Mr. Moll’s work to use functional magnetic resonance imaging in all of his clinical research.

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