Meet Perry Mandera, an Epitome of Societal Mover and Shaker

Perry Mandera founded The Custom Cares Company, Inc., located in Northlake, Illinois, in 1986. He graduated from high school in Chicago and joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves where he learned to drive a truck-a skill that proved invaluable to his career after the Marine Corps granted him an honorable discharge.


Beginning his Career


Upon departing from the U.S. Marine Corps, he worked with multitudinous transportation companies before moving on to his private transportation company in 1980, a company he sold in 1985 before founding The Custom Cares Company, Inc.




Moreover, Perry Mandera was interested in politics with such vehemence that he became the Republican Committeeman for the 26th Chicago Ward-serving from 1984 to 1988 as the youngest person ever elected to the post. His star shone even brighter, in 2000, when the Illinois Trucking Association named his company among the “Top 1000 American Transportation of the Millennium”.


An Embodiment of Beneficence


Therefore, he remains true to the adage‘to whom much is given much is expected’ through his philanthropy, in terms of time and money, to an array of charitable causes and organizations. Moreover, his company donated supplies and provided transportation to the victims of a tornado in Washington, and those walloped by Hurricane Catrina in 2005. More than that, he was so altruistic that his trucks and supplies were put to use during the California Wildfires.


More on the Contribution


Close to Perry Mandera’s heart was a charity that he initiated his charitable organization christened “Custom Cares Charities.” Therefore, he is already giving back to the people of Chicago through this. Over and above, this charitable organization supports other entities acquiescing to its philosophy. Besides, he has provided financial education to the underprivileged youth.

Akin to the aforementioned, Perry Mandera extends his benevolence to sports by supporting youth sports teams. Moreover, he has been an instructor to the youth in football, baseball, and basketball. His interest in boxing has seen him support and manage boxers like Donnell Nickelson.




An amalgam of his generosity and acute attention to environmental issues, a weighty aspect his company copiously adheres to, provides the world with such a personality many generations will look up to.


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