What Makes Custom Companies A Standout Corporation

Launched in 1986 by entrepreneur Perry Mandera, Custom Companies is a top-tier transportation company dominating its domain. Headquartered in Illinois, this Chicago-based organization excels in multiple fields. Some of their most prominent services are as follows.


  • Pick and pack


  • Flatbed transportation


  • Logistics management


  • Direct mail distribution


  • Warehousing


  • Partial and full loading services


  • Hot shot services


  • Temperature-controlled services


  • Intermodal services


Though Custom Companies is self-made, this humble company attributes their long-lived prosperity to their faithful patrons. In fact, Custom Companies claims that if not for the healthy rapport they have with their clients, their services would be rendered unprofitable. With that said, it’s no wonder Custom Companies places immense importance on customer satisfaction. As it happens, Custom Companies is esteemed for their world-class customer service. What’s more, their “custom culture” maintains that “rapidly responding to a customer’s needs” is of paramount importance. This client-oriented approach is the hallmark of their work ethic.


To further illustrate their commitment to their clientele, Custom Companies created their website, customco.com, based solely on consumer insight. In other words, they welcomed consumer opinions, in turn crafting a platform that gratified customer desires. As a result, the following features were incorporated into their site: tracking, billing, quoting, tracing, and custom online reporting. Far more than a client-centered corporation, Custom Companies is also keen on making their employees feel valued. As an attempt to boost morale, Custom Companies encourages their staffers to “do it right the first time.”


“Making it happen” is another pillar of their philosophy. These two ideals contribute greatly to the aforementioned “custom culture.” Custom Companies takes pride in upholding these beliefs, claiming that they’re in large part responsible for their renowned reputation. Presently, Custom Companies continues to flourish in business, delivering top-of-the-line services to individuals in need of transportation resources.


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