What Does Vijay Eswaran Stand For?

The managers with the greatest impact are those who let their employees do their thing. These sentiments are courtesy of Vijay Eswaran who believes that no one can do everything on their own. The co-founder of the QI Group has made a name for himself in the business circles. His influence is not restricted only to board rooms. He is a renown business speaker and has authored more than five books.

The Birth of QI

While at the university, Vijay Eswaran thought of getting into network marketing. He didn’t have much faith in the whole idea but as he learned more, he chose to give it a shot. He sought to use his economic know-how to navigate through the networking business.

He is alive to the fact that the drastic rise in automation is fast taking the place of human capital. It is only a matter of time before artificial intelligence completely takes over. He hoped to make a difference by helping entrepreneurs rise to the occasion.

From the very beginning, he had the global market in mind. He worked to ignore boundaries and offered his services across the world. The combination of direct sales and e-commerce made this possible.

He insists that any successful entrepreneur should learn to push his team and believe in them at all times. The never say die attitude is sure to work wonders for anyone who embraces it. Anyone willing to embrace their fears will also be greatly rewarded.


Vijay Eswaran established the Vijayaratnam Foundation to support community development as well as women empowerment. The RYTHM Foundation is also up and running thanks to his desire to mentor the youth and offer special education. All these activities are carried out hand in hand with both local and international NGOs.


The Pannasastra University recently awarded him with an honorary doctorate. He has also received a Lifetime Achievement Award as well as an award for Education Entrepreneurship. These awards highlight the influence that he has had in different fields.

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