What Makes Custom Companies A Standout Corporation

Launched in 1986 by entrepreneur Perry Mandera, Custom Companies is a top-tier transportation company dominating its domain. Headquartered in Illinois, this Chicago-based organization excels in multiple fields. Some of their most prominent services are as follows.


  • Pick and pack


  • Flatbed transportation


  • Logistics management


  • Direct mail distribution


  • Warehousing


  • Partial and full loading services


  • Hot shot services


  • Temperature-controlled services


  • Intermodal services


Though Custom Companies is self-made, this humble company attributes their long-lived prosperity to their faithful patrons. In fact, Custom Companies claims that if not for the healthy rapport they have with their clients, their services would be rendered unprofitable. With that said, it’s no wonder Custom Companies places immense importance on customer satisfaction. As it happens, Custom Companies is esteemed for their world-class customer service. What’s more, their “custom culture” maintains that “rapidly responding to a customer’s needs” is of paramount importance. This client-oriented approach is the hallmark of their work ethic.


To further illustrate their commitment to their clientele, Custom Companies created their website, customco.com, based solely on consumer insight. In other words, they welcomed consumer opinions, in turn crafting a platform that gratified customer desires. As a result, the following features were incorporated into their site: tracking, billing, quoting, tracing, and custom online reporting. Far more than a client-centered corporation, Custom Companies is also keen on making their employees feel valued. As an attempt to boost morale, Custom Companies encourages their staffers to “do it right the first time.”


“Making it happen” is another pillar of their philosophy. These two ideals contribute greatly to the aforementioned “custom culture.” Custom Companies takes pride in upholding these beliefs, claiming that they’re in large part responsible for their renowned reputation. Presently, Custom Companies continues to flourish in business, delivering top-of-the-line services to individuals in need of transportation resources.


Marco Antonio Marques De Silva Takes A Global Approach To Law

In the field of law, there are few individuals as well educated or traveled as Brazilian Marco Antonio Marques de Silva. Currently sitting on the bench in Brazil as a member of the Appeals Court, Marques de Silva is often involved in controversial cases which have passed through every other court in Brazil. Now seen as one of the leading experts in procedural law in South America, the judge was recently involved in the overturning of the drug conviction of two accused traffickers.


Marco Antonio Marques de Silva has been on course for the highest office in the Brazilian legal system since the age of 15 in his hometown of Itapetininga. The judge had already set his heart on a career in the legal profession and was determined to put all his skill and hard work into achieving his dream of becoming a qualified lawyer. Beginning his studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo with a Bachelor’s degree in law followed by both his Master’s degree and a doctorate in procedural law from the same academic institution. Marques de Silva would travel to Portugal to continue his studies in a bid to become a global expert in criminal law and procedures which resulted in him obtaining a teaching certificate fro Portugal’s University of Coimbra dedicated to European Criminal Law.


Marco Antonio Marques de Silva would eventually achieve tenure at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2003 where he would become the leading expert in Criminal Procedural Law. Eventually, the legal expert would have his legal skills identified by the government of Brazil with his initial appointment as a substitute judge with the Court of Appeals before taking up the same position full-time. Despite taking up the important position as a judge with the Court of Appeals, Marco Antonio Marques de Silva has continued to develop his academic research skills at his alma mater. Continuing to show concern for the plight of people across the planet, Marques de Silva heads the research group on Human Dignity and the Rule of Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo.


Invaluable Details About Stansberry Research That Not Many Investors Know About Yet

A lot of shareholders, investors and consultants in the finance sector may already have heard of the excellent reputation of Stansberry Research. They know that it’s a publishing company that has served millions of investors already with their published financial advice. They know how the company’s profits are not from the marketing aspect of their operations, but on the subscriptions alone, which gives their insight an even more valuable weight. But that’s not the complete story of what Stansberry is about and what they do today.


What not many people know is the fact that Stansberry Research has been around in business since 1999. This is impressive because it’s doubtless hard to stay strong in the finance industry, let alone if the company is dealing with volatile investments. And Stansberry Research is nothing, if not an expert in offering financial advice about volatile investments that they themselves held accountable for. The kind of financial advice that Stansberry offers as a private publishing company based in Maryland is respected not only because it is solid advice, but because of the fact that the company has survived for many years now.


Not many people also know that as of today, Stansberry Research has more than 500,000 subscribers worldwide already. The lifetime subscribers that it has could even reach to as high a number as 70,000+. All of the combined years of experience of all the analysts in Stansberry could even amount to 175+ years. This makes it easy to accept that Stansberry Research has also been regarded as a premium research services company that covers already a wide range of investment platforms. Most of these include dividend investing, fixed income investing, precious metals and alternative assets. There are also income-generating options and strategies in the advice of Stansberry that are rooted in conservative assets.


People may also don’t know yet that there are actually 3 different portfolio levels that are offered by the top analysts partnering with Stansberry. These analysts form the Stansberry Portfolio Solutions, and they have already been known to be an impressive expert analysts of more than 40 investment recommendations that truly deliver their promised goals.


Christopher Linkas: Investing in Commercial Real Estate Instead of Single Family Rentals

More often, investors purchase single-family houses for rentals when they are investing in real estate. It is logical that the investor will be glad to see their equity grow. However, owning single-family rentals may not be a better strategy for a real estate investor.


A serious investor in the business should think of changing the strategy. From his experience, Christopher Linkas advice to the investors is to build their portfolio by investing in commercial real estates. Here are some challenges you are likely to encounter when you invest in Single Family Rentals.


  1. Inadequate cash flows especially if acquired through debt
  2. Associated with extensive risks
  3. The investment lack advantages related to commercial investments
  4. Managing single family rentals is expensive
  5. The investment is market dependent


These challenges make the single-family rentals inappropriate to justify it as the best portfolio growth strategy. Alternatively, you can invest in commercial real estate passively. Christopher Linkas has invested in the commercial real estate for several decades. Here are some advantages of investing in commercial real estate compared to owning rentals.


  1. You can invest with professionals in the industry and be able to mitigate loses as a group with the help of the veterans
  2. Allows diversification as you can select the type of asset, business plan, and location
  3. The risk associated is less because losses are limited to the amount invested only
  4. It is competitive when compared to single-family rentals
  5. The value of the asset is directly related to the operating income.


Even though single-family business is challenging, you can benefit from investing in it. The business is a good starting point for any real estate investment. Christopher Linkas is advising investors to view owning rentals as a small business rather than an investment.


The nature of the business is that one will not easily realize the real intention of purchasing the rental rather they will get experience from the business. The idea of owning rentals gives you an experience that you will learn from rather than giving you the returns you expect.


How IC Systems Became A Leader In The Customer Service Industry

IC Systems has produced different online resources to help people find a solution to their financial issues. The company abides by ethical practices. Over several decades, IC Systems has established itself as one of the top companies in the customer service industry. IC Systems emphasizes integrity, pride, innovation, and performance. These points of emphasis help create a stable working environment at the company.


IC Systems Founder Ruth Erickson


Ruth Erickson used her sense of business to help the company grow. Erickson collaborated with other businesses by advertising their services. During this time period, Erickson typed letters to patients to help achieve better results. Once Erickson started utilizing a more modern system, the company reached another level. IC Systems was eventually endorsed by thousands of professional associations.


Employee Conduct


IC Systems employees treat patients with respect. Every call is reviewed and recorded by an auditing team. The audits help ensure that patients are treated with respect during the process.


Going Through The Process


In the event that you are contacted by IC Systems, it’s important to remain calm. By staying calm and focused on reaching a positive solution, you can help the process run as smoothly as possible. IC Systems works with patients to ensure that the information on file is accurate. Patients should notify IC Systems so that the company can provide patients with different ways to dispute the account information on hand.


Reaching A Resolution


Patients should try to reach a resolution on their matter as soon as possible. Failing to reach a resolution in a timely manner may damage the patient’s credit. A lengthy collection process could also negatively impact the owners and employees of the business that is pursuing a financial resolution. Patients should try to resolve the matter so that they can avoid paying late fees.


IC Systems Wants To Help You


IC Systems agents are licensed throughout The United States. While this process can be stressful for many people, it’s important to learn about how IC Systems works so that patients won’t be blindsided when they are contacted.


Jeffrey Aronin and His 20 Years of Work

For over 20 years, Jeff Aronin has dedicated himself to the principle of entrepreneurship in the biotech and healthcare industries. He discovered his passion for healthcare early in his career, after shadowing a doctor and observing the power of pharmaceuticals. By the year 2000, Jeff had founded his own startup, Ovation Pharmaceuticals Incorporated- a successful company that brought cutting edge medicines to many patients in need. Thanks to his leadership and strategy, Ovation was able to focus on getting vital new medications approved for use.


As current Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences in Chicago, he is using his extensive professional experience in the industry to pave the way as the leading investor for innovation among biotech companies. Recognizing that medicinal research and development is a high risk, high reward endeavor, Jeff has pushed for responsible innovation and discovery in his field. His drive has allowed his team to develop medicines with a great potential for saving the most lives, practicing and attempting to perfect treatments through trying clinical phases. This is a major reason for Paragon’s success. Jeff’s leadership has allowed many promising treatments to be further investigated, rather than abandoned at the first sign of difficulty or challenge. Paragon and its portfolio companies have been able, through Jeff’s guidance, to attract some of the best talents in the biotech industry, producing a team of strong entrepreneurial leaders and blue-chip investors dedicated to making breakthroughs.


Paragon Biosciences seeks out and identifies the diseases with the highest need for treatment, first studying the underlying cause of a condition in attempt to find gaps in what has already been attempted. His team of experts brainstorm new solutions and research new scientific methodologies and technologies that have the potential to yield a new treatment.


Jeff Aronin continues to be confident in his strategy and approach to the industry, seeking the continued growth of Paragon. By creating a company culture with a strong dedication to its mission and core values, Paragon has been able to realize its goals, and then some.


Intellectual Property, Globalization and Kamil Idris

There has been concern that the new Globalizing economy has created an environment that allows other counties to steal intellectual property with great ease. That countries can exploit the infant international economy that has arouse due to globalization in particular. Professor Kamil Idris addresses the issue that is intellectual theft and globalization. He tells us how there may be a silver lining as of the current situation. And he explains the great ramifications that globalization create. The fact is international trade has created a environment that allows for intellectual theft and a large scale so big that it can be felt in the domestic economy each year.


Kamil Idris tells us the positives that globalization has had on the world. specifically it tends to benefit the smaller-still developing countries economy. Because globalization means a more established country goes to another country to escape high production tax and pollution regulations they end up coming to these developing countries for relief. In return these countries not only have cheaper products being produced but intellectual property shared as well. It can be noted that the exchange of ideas and information is a powerful catalyst for economic growth for these types of countries. On the other side the larger country does not benefit since its likely they are the once sharing the intellectual property homogeneously.


On the other side of the matter, intellectual property is being stolen and having very large negative impacts on nations security and economies. When a company such as one from the United States goes overseas to China this spells disaster for patents and intellectual property. According to the NY times intellectual theft cost up to 600 million dollars per year and a large chunk of the stealing comes from China. China is a unique situation in that their government requires that a international business give over a considerable percentage of the company to the Chinese government. This means that the Chinese government has potential access to patents that could give advantage to them over the other country.

Kamil Idris suggest that a solution would be to beef up IP infrastructure. As in recent years the Chinese government has tried stealing blue print and plans to the United States weaponry and NASA space shuttle. This certainly poses the question of whether globalization can continue the way its currently going.

What People In Any Industry Can Learn From Tech Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd

Regardless of the industry you are in you can learn quite a bit from people and businesses in other industries. The women empowerment dating app Bumble shows how to take a very successful product and expand it in new and different directions. While Bumble began life as a dating app it has since been extended into a product that can help make new friends as well as new business contacts.

Bumble is the brainchild of Whitney Wolfe Herd, an innovator and entrepreneur in the tech industry. She came up with the concept of a dating app where it is strictly the women who get to make the first move. Using this idea she co-founded Bumble and is its chief executive officer. Even if you don’t use or care about dating apps any business owner can learn quite a bit from the smart moves she has made with Bumble. Visit on her twitter account for more updates.

Before Whitney Wolfe Herd came along every dating app relied on men starting a conversation. How Bumble works is if both a woman and a man swipe right on each other, which is the way of showing interest, the woman has a day to send a message to him. If she doesn’t the connection disappears. The business lesson from this is that while you have a target demographic you’re not actually trying to reach everyone in it. It makes a lot of business sense to appeal to a smaller segment of the market rather than chasing everyone which usually results in being like everyone else in your industry and not achieving a lot of success.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has a reputation that has expanded well beyond the tech industry. Her business smarts and original vision resulted in her getting a non-voting position on Imagine Entertainment’s board of directors. This board, led by co-chairmen Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, chose Whitney Wolfe Herd because she would bring a fresh perspective. They wanted someone who thinks differently than the other board members do while at the same time understanding the importance of story-telling and how important human connection is.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitney_Wolfe


Entrepreneur Robert Deigman Journey to Success

It will always take more than 10,000 hours for one to become an expert in something. The journey is all about pure dedication and also passion towards achieving in the career. As for Robert Deigman, it has taken him more than 20 years or rather 40,000 hours to become the person he is. He happens to be a motivation driven character who happens to move and work with passion towards his career. He is a tech guru and has a lot of experience in the industry. He is also very committed to work and also an excellent performance and has what it takes to prove to the world that he deserves it. He is also among the few people with experience in the e-commerce industry.

Robert Deigman is an alumnus of Purdue University and possesses a B.S. in Business Management. He graduated in 1995. That was when he started his career, and up to date, he has been in the technology industry doing great wonders. He has helped so many people in attaining their relevant goals and also possess great entrepreneurial skills for his career. His first-class education is surrounded by first class world experience in which he is using to move to the next level of achievement.

Robert Deigman has had a fascinating history, and he founded his first business few years after graduating. The company was called Fanlink. Deignan desperately wanted to do everything possible towards making a business successful. He did so with a lot of passion and was ready to make his hands dirty just for the sake of his career. People expected him to go to the white collar jobs, but later they realized that he was ready to be innovative in his career and also industry. He wanted to rely on experience for his future work and therefore decided to set a good foundation. He has since then managed to work towards the formation of other companies that are doing quite well in the industry. He has worked with ATS Digital Services and was also among the few who helped in making it known in the market.


Larkin and Lacey defend human rights in Arizona

Some of the worst injustices that involved violation of human rights recently happened in the state of Arizona. The violations were administered over by the Former Sheriff of Maricopa County- Joe Arpaio.

He is the most notorious sheriff of the United States in the recent past. His actions of discriminating the Latinos who were in the country illegally was one of the worst cases ever. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/5-smart-ways-people-and-places-are-resisting-trumps-immigration-policies/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

The worst part about it is that despite all the crimes he committed against immigrants, he has never had to answer charges of committing the crimes. Any attempt made to charge him is thwarted by the government agencies mandated to push charges against him.

He recently earned a pardon from the highest office in the currently – the presidency. President Trump saw nothing he had committed and decided to pardon him.

Joe Arpaio is now a free man after the pardon even after two decades of using an iron fist rule to govern the county. Arpaio who served as the Sheriff for six terms is seen to have used the anti-immigration campaigns to win the sit on the Sheriff numerous times.

He won the hearts of the majority conservatives in the county thereby securing his win since 1992. He was defeated for the first time in 2017. It seemed like the much-awaited fall of Arpaio had finally arrived by President Trump was to save the day for the 85 years old former drugs enforcement officer.

In his term as the Sheriff, he oversaw mistreatment of immigrants through torture and even killing of immigrants, in his popular concentration camps such as the Tent City, he made the lives of the immigrants unbearable.

The concentration camps lacked a supply of basic human needs such as food and water. Temperatures in the camps would rise to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one of the worst things to ever occur to the immigrants.

Lacey and Larkin took note of the crimes that Arpaio was committing and decided to challenge him. They investigated his actions and published them through the Phoenix News Media outlet which they owned.

His actions became clear to everyone in the country. He was angered by the action of the two journalists to expose him and started a ploy to have them arrested. In October 2007, the two journalists were arrested and taken behind bars in the concentration camps owned by Arpaio. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

They were later released the following day after a huge outcry from the media channels in the country. Larkin and Lacey did not take the case lying down. They took him to court where the county was charged $3.75 million as compensation for crimes committed on them.

In April 2018. Lacey and Larkin were arrested again. This time, it seems like the government of President Trump is out to finish them by pressing for money laundering charges against the journalists for running a website known as Backpage.com.

They had already sold the website in 2017, and the arrest comes on the backdrop of another website they launched in 2017 known as “Front Page Confidential.”