Shervin Pishevar Explains U.S Economy Decline And China Take Over In A Twitter Storm

The U.S government silently watched as the largest technology companies in the country strangled startups and established monopolies in their respective fields. It would also silently watch as the stock and equity market trades went off hand. These inactions have, however, caught up with the economy and threaten to send it tumbling, according to Shervin Pishevar. The celebrated investor made these revelations during a recent twitter storm that saw him release a series of tweets consecutively for 21 hours.

Declining economy

Shervin Pishevar believes that the writing about the US economy is on the wall and anyone willing to look deep enough will see its first signs. He particularly lays the blame for the upcoming financial crisis that he believes will hit the economy in a few months on the bonds and equity markets. These will be the first and most affected casualties. The angel investor further emphasizes that the apparent decline will affect every inch of the economy, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

When did the rains start beating us?

The government’s inaction on matters of national economic importance like equity trades and floating of IPOs, as well as its discomforting silence as big companies established monopolies, was the first sign of a failing economy. Shervin Pishevar, adds that these acts killed America’s creativity and its technological hubs like the Silicon Valley that he believes have long dispersed to the other parts of the world.

The technological companies venture capitalist further states that Silicon Valley was never a place but a collection of ideas. Its creative juice has now flown and found home in such countries as China that now reports a higher technological uptake than America. To illustrate this lack of creativity in America, Shervin Pishevar points to the fact that China is now able to build state of the art train stations in record nine hours, something never witnessed in the United States.

More about Shervin Pishevar

Shervin is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, a co-founder and managing director of Investment company a venture capital fund. Through this fund, he has invested in numerous technology companies during their early fundraising rounds that have gone on to prove revolutionary. These include Uber, Munchery, and Airbnb.

CEO and Businessman of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the owner of Eucatex. He is a businessman in Brazil. Maluf was born into a family that had wealth. He attended school at the Armando Foundation. He received a degree from the Armando Foundation. Flavio had the passion to become an entrepreneur, just like those in his family. His father is a respected and well-known businessman in Brazil. His family is familiar with Brazilian politics and gave him a solid foundation to begin his own career. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Maluf was asked about the idea for their family’s business. He told a media news outlet the idea for their business came from their ancestors. Maluf’s great-grandfather operated and owned the most popular mills in Latin America for that time period. In the 60’s Maluf’s father and uncle purposed the idea to use the mills to manufacture wood and lining fibers for the industry. Eucalyptus is a well-known variety of wood. This is the exact type used today in poplar furniture and commercial uses.

Flavio’s typical day begins a little after eight. He travels to the office to work at least four days a week. Flavio Maluf’s schedule is planned, detailed and organized. In order to stay on top of business endeavors as the CEO, he must stay infomred regarding company assignments. Flavio makes trips to the warehouse and factory to oversee management.

A survey had been completed for 2018 regarding all produce harvest. What the survey found was soybeans, wheat, barley grew exponentially in the market. The numbers were in excess of 119 million tonnes. This seems like a large number, yet it is only a four percent increase from prior surveys. Conab is a Brazilian supply company that records these statistics and reports them to business owners. The European Union is overall the second-largest market Brazil caters to for goods and exports.

Regions of the world such as Asia are major customers for Brazilian exports. One idea Flavio Maluf lives by is the idea of hard work. He believes you should seek perfection in your efforts and be the best in your field as an entrepreneur.



Lee May: Unsung Hero

Major League Baseball definitely has its fare share of phenomenal players, and Lee Andrew May is one of these individuals. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t even know who this man is or what he has achieved. Lee May is the epitome of the term unsung hero. Despite his rather stellar baseball career, May’s name don’t always get the respect that it deserves. He was a one of the most powerful hitters in the game during for most of his career. He has played for the Houston Astros, has played for the Cincinnati Reds, has played for the Kansas City Royals and has played for the Baltimore Orioles.


May grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and he was a multi-sport athlete while in high school. Though the University of Nebraska offered him a scholarship, he would go on to sign with the Cincinnati Reds in which this organization gave him a $12,000 bonus. During the early 1960s, May would work his way up through the Minor League and by 1965, he would begin his career with the Reds. Carlos May, an outfielder who played for the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox, is the younger brother of Lee May. That’s right! Though he was an exceptional hitter, May would strike out a lot. Of course, this is normal for sluggers, and Lee May was different.


During his first trip to the World Series in 1971, May helped the team clinch a victory. This 6 foot 3 guy gave the Reds their only win thanks to his three-run homerun during the eight inning. Though he was a rather powerful guy in stature, he also had a great sense of humor.


Lee May has blessed the game of baseball with his natural talents, but he has succumb to pneumonia. May’s death was recorded on July 29, 2017. Despite is shortcomings in an overall sense, Lee May has been memorialized by becoming an MLB Hall of Famer.


Lee May: Businessman Extraordinaire

One way that you can tell how good a man knows his business is this: by taking a look at how other people in the business community treat them. When someone is dealing with a professional it is obvious from the start that this person is, in fact, a professional. This is the reason for the fact that financial advisors tend to be businessmen of exceptional caliber. After all, if they were not businessmen of exceptional caliber, they probably would not be sought out for their advice by other professionals.


Lee May is one example of a man such as this. He has over 25 years of experience in the fields of construction and real estate and it shows from the very minute he walks in the door. This is why he is one of the most prestigious and highest-paid consultants in the UK. Having come from humble beginnings as a construction laborer in the south of England, he built up his own bricklaying business from scratch and used it as a springboard with which to rise ever higher.


Perhaps Mr. May’s most distinctive trait as a businessman is fluidity and mobility. He never stays in one place too long. He specializes in taking small startup businesses and growing them into powerhouses. With that accomplished, he will normally sell the company and move on. Obviously, this is a man who sees the world of business as an adventure rather than a quest to set down roots. It takes a man of wit and sagacity to make that kind of a business model work.


Perhaps Lee May’s most important clients are a company called Beamridge. As the premier construction company in the UK, they are always looking to improve and expand their services. Mr. May helps them greatly in this regard by offering them an expert perspective on matters ranging from investments and acquisitions to carbon output and workplace safety.


In spite of his accomplishments, Mr. May is also a well-known philanthropist who uses his success to mentor young people and try to guide them down the path of success. This is what they used to call a renaissance man.


Dr. Dov Rand On Aging & Erectile Dysfunction

With over 50 percent of men that have had some type of issue with keeping their penis erect as needed for sexual intercourse, it’s really a common theme that brings men to Dr. Dov Rand. It is called erectile dysfunction, and he is seasoned having had many years of experience in treating it, and this is so important for patients who really need to trust a new doctor. He does treat the reasons for troubles, not just the symptoms. It can be related to medications one is taking, or it can be a vascular – oriented culprit.


To begin with, Dr. Dov Rand attained his knowledge in the medical field at the honorable Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He became aware of the need for changing how health issues are addressed for the elderly, and how many people with certain problems that are directly correlated to aging can be treated in non-traditional ways.


Besides using acupuncture, vitamins, yoga, weight loss training, strategies and such, Dr. Dov Rand is loyal in sharing what he knows as a leader in the physical medicine and rehabilitation world.


That said, Rand doesn’t practice medicine in the traditional classics of yesteryear, and this has enhanced the way that people react to his care. He believes in doing medical acupuncture as part of a regimen incorporated into his run-of-the-mill part of treatment. His forte is particulars concerning the strength, range of motion, quality of motion and stamina of mature people. This practice allows the elderly to reclaim their own body.


Also, Dr. Rand does multi-phasic blood tests to see what exactly what is going on with the clients who become patients of his. This man is a leader in his field of medicine as he studies the aging body and portrays a model of care that can change the world one year at a time.


Erectile dysfunction is something that people do not like to talk about, but there is no need for that nowadays with so many medications on the market for this problem, and with the ads for Viagra and such.


Perry Mandera-Raising Standards To Help Those In Need

Perry Mandera, CEO of his self-founded company, The Custom Companies is making significant differences of the lives of people in need. He extends his help to those who face challenges, yet don’t seem to have the resources available to help fix their issues. Having a heart for the children, he looks for ways to help families in need to achieve a better road with less burden by providing access to funds they may need. Anything from food, supplies, tuition, clothes, and scholarships, he discovers the need and then fulfils it.


Perry Mandera discovered and prepared for his role as he served in the US Marine Corps. He was a leader in logistics and transportation. With the obligation to arrange transportation for the troops and supplies, he was able to learn the importance of the logistics. Within his company he knows that shipping directly contributes to the achievement of the larger goal.


Now he has over 42 years’ experience in the industry. He is not afraid of taking strategic chances. Perry feels that to grow to the next level with growth and taking personal responsibility of the endeavors. He searches to invest in technology and state of the art equipment that will help the company grow and maintain an edge.


Perry Mandera feels that you can learn a lot just by listening to those around you. Some of the best ideas may come from a conversation where something sparks interest and curiosity. Perry stays very active in his work, sleeping on 4 hours a night, so that he can ensure he is able to fit in everything he needs to do during the day.


Any time he can find the opportunity, Perry donates his vast resources for the betterment of the less fortunate. Being a man of religion, he finds strength in his faith and allows that to focus through issues he faces daily. Life experiences have helped him to shape his life and give him inspiration also. Perry Mandera embraces the opportunity to help assist others and improve their lives.


Jorge Moll Defines New Neuro Research

Renowned Brazilian neurologist, Dr. Jorge Moll, has been making headlines for his research and work in the fields of neural bases for behavior, moral cognition and emotions, neuroscience and psychology, and antisocial behavior (to name just a few) for many years. After graduation with a degree in medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994, he chose to specialize in neurology. He completed his PH.D. in Human Physiology at the Univeristy of Sao Paolo in 2004 before being accepted as a fellow at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, USA. There, he specialized in cognitive neuroscience, igniting his passion and drive for understanding human emotions, personality, and behavior.


Dr. Moll’s research is known throughout the academic world. His studies address how the human brain reacts to act of generosity, through judgement and responses based on morality and emotions, aiming to understand the connection. He also conducted a study in 2006 that examined how the brain behaves when performing acts of generosity toward others. Funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Cerebrovascular Diseases, this was the first study of its kind to look at the biological basis for altruism and committing acts of donation. His findings showed that when people committed these acts and puts the needs of others before themselves, the part of the brain that is usually triggered by food and sex was activated, reinforcing their behaviors with a very positive biological reward. Dr. Moll had found the biological cause of and connection to human morality.


After receiving distinct international acclaim for these findings, Dr. Moll and a team of Brazilian scientists began a series of studies on the neural basis of attachment and tenderness. Between 2012 and 2018, they examined these feelings in the realm of belonging to certain social groups. He connected his previous findings on biological altruism, showing that certain types of focal brain injuries can permanently alter an individual’s capacity for altruism and giving.


Dr. Jorge Moll’s published work can be found in the Journal of Neuroscience, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, and other scientific journals.


What Makes Custom Companies A Standout Corporation

Launched in 1986 by entrepreneur Perry Mandera, Custom Companies is a top-tier transportation company dominating its domain. Headquartered in Illinois, this Chicago-based organization excels in multiple fields. Some of their most prominent services are as follows.


  • Pick and pack


  • Flatbed transportation


  • Logistics management


  • Direct mail distribution


  • Warehousing


  • Partial and full loading services


  • Hot shot services


  • Temperature-controlled services


  • Intermodal services


Though Custom Companies is self-made, this humble company attributes their long-lived prosperity to their faithful patrons. In fact, Custom Companies claims that if not for the healthy rapport they have with their clients, their services would be rendered unprofitable. With that said, it’s no wonder Custom Companies places immense importance on customer satisfaction. As it happens, Custom Companies is esteemed for their world-class customer service. What’s more, their “custom culture” maintains that “rapidly responding to a customer’s needs” is of paramount importance. This client-oriented approach is the hallmark of their work ethic.


To further illustrate their commitment to their clientele, Custom Companies created their website,, based solely on consumer insight. In other words, they welcomed consumer opinions, in turn crafting a platform that gratified customer desires. As a result, the following features were incorporated into their site: tracking, billing, quoting, tracing, and custom online reporting. Far more than a client-centered corporation, Custom Companies is also keen on making their employees feel valued. As an attempt to boost morale, Custom Companies encourages their staffers to “do it right the first time.”


“Making it happen” is another pillar of their philosophy. These two ideals contribute greatly to the aforementioned “custom culture.” Custom Companies takes pride in upholding these beliefs, claiming that they’re in large part responsible for their renowned reputation. Presently, Custom Companies continues to flourish in business, delivering top-of-the-line services to individuals in need of transportation resources.


Marco Antonio Marques De Silva Takes A Global Approach To Law

In the field of law, there are few individuals as well educated or traveled as Brazilian Marco Antonio Marques de Silva. Currently sitting on the bench in Brazil as a member of the Appeals Court, Marques de Silva is often involved in controversial cases which have passed through every other court in Brazil. Now seen as one of the leading experts in procedural law in South America, the judge was recently involved in the overturning of the drug conviction of two accused traffickers.


Marco Antonio Marques de Silva has been on course for the highest office in the Brazilian legal system since the age of 15 in his hometown of Itapetininga. The judge had already set his heart on a career in the legal profession and was determined to put all his skill and hard work into achieving his dream of becoming a qualified lawyer. Beginning his studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo with a Bachelor’s degree in law followed by both his Master’s degree and a doctorate in procedural law from the same academic institution. Marques de Silva would travel to Portugal to continue his studies in a bid to become a global expert in criminal law and procedures which resulted in him obtaining a teaching certificate fro Portugal’s University of Coimbra dedicated to European Criminal Law.


Marco Antonio Marques de Silva would eventually achieve tenure at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2003 where he would become the leading expert in Criminal Procedural Law. Eventually, the legal expert would have his legal skills identified by the government of Brazil with his initial appointment as a substitute judge with the Court of Appeals before taking up the same position full-time. Despite taking up the important position as a judge with the Court of Appeals, Marco Antonio Marques de Silva has continued to develop his academic research skills at his alma mater. Continuing to show concern for the plight of people across the planet, Marques de Silva heads the research group on Human Dignity and the Rule of Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo.


Invaluable Details About Stansberry Research That Not Many Investors Know About Yet

A lot of shareholders, investors and consultants in the finance sector may already have heard of the excellent reputation of Stansberry Research. They know that it’s a publishing company that has served millions of investors already with their published financial advice. They know how the company’s profits are not from the marketing aspect of their operations, but on the subscriptions alone, which gives their insight an even more valuable weight. But that’s not the complete story of what Stansberry is about and what they do today.


What not many people know is the fact that Stansberry Research has been around in business since 1999. This is impressive because it’s doubtless hard to stay strong in the finance industry, let alone if the company is dealing with volatile investments. And Stansberry Research is nothing, if not an expert in offering financial advice about volatile investments that they themselves held accountable for. The kind of financial advice that Stansberry offers as a private publishing company based in Maryland is respected not only because it is solid advice, but because of the fact that the company has survived for many years now.


Not many people also know that as of today, Stansberry Research has more than 500,000 subscribers worldwide already. The lifetime subscribers that it has could even reach to as high a number as 70,000+. All of the combined years of experience of all the analysts in Stansberry could even amount to 175+ years. This makes it easy to accept that Stansberry Research has also been regarded as a premium research services company that covers already a wide range of investment platforms. Most of these include dividend investing, fixed income investing, precious metals and alternative assets. There are also income-generating options and strategies in the advice of Stansberry that are rooted in conservative assets.


People may also don’t know yet that there are actually 3 different portfolio levels that are offered by the top analysts partnering with Stansberry. These analysts form the Stansberry Portfolio Solutions, and they have already been known to be an impressive expert analysts of more than 40 investment recommendations that truly deliver their promised goals.