Private Charter School Network Rocketship Education Responds to Recent Criticism

Recently, the private charter school network Rocketship Education has received some criticism. There have been some media reports that the school is often engaged in educational malpractice. As a result, the institution was regarded as being behind in certain standards among educational institutions of its kind. However, it was also revealed that these reports were not reported in a fair and balanced manner. They were biased against Rocketship Education. Due to the potential harm that these reports can do to the educational institution’s reputation, it decided to inform other media source and the public about the bias in the negative reports about them.

The recent negative reports about Rocketship Education alleged that the network of private charter schools engaged in activities that violate traditional educational standards. In the reports, the school was known to have issues such as holding school sessions for long hours and also having very rigid rituals and disciplinary policies. As a result, many sources in the media claimed that this was the only school network to engage in these practices. After a while, Rocketship Education realized that these reports were done in an effort to discredit it as a legitimate educational institution. Therefore, Rocketship Education went on to inform others that the issues they were reported to have are common and present in other private charter school networks. As a result, the negative reports have been regarded as false and were eventually nullified.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 in San Jose, California. A year later in 2007, its first school opened and would be available to serve the public. The Rocketship Education private charter school network is a leading institution for providing quality education to low income students. It strives to help students from low income families get the best education they can get on a regular basis. The school network offers quality faculty and curriculums that prepare students for higher levels of education in the future. During the last decade, Rocketship Education has been able to develop a reputation as being a quality alternative option to public school. It is among the top private charter school networks in the nation.