Glen Wakeman Guides Startup Entrepreneurs on the journey to build a Successful Business.

Each day the number of people venturing into entrepreneurship is on the rise because, many of the barriers which previously bottle-necked business entry, have been lifted. Today most business people are optimistic about their chances of success and they certainly have more confidence in their strategies plans and vision. However, it is never a walk in the park to establish a successful business and there are a number of mistakes that the new entrepreneurs are bound to make when coming up with the plan or when executing the plan.


Lessons from Launchpad


Glen Wakeman an experienced businessman who is the founder of Launchpad Holdings says that these entrepreneurs need to consult more before going all the way with their plans(phillypurge). Launchpad Holdings is a company that provides guidance to entrepreneurs looking to successfully launch their own startups. Glen was inspired to start the company when a considerable number of people repeatedly sought his advice on starting up a business.

Glen says that even an entrepreneur with the most detailed plan will require seeking counsel from an older and more experienced businessperson. He says that there is a lot involved from launching of a startup idea to the funding of the idea and he advises new entrepreneurs to consider seeking for more counsel to get more ideas.


Guidelines from Glen


According to Glen Wakeman there exist vital steps that an early stage businessman can follow and achieve success. He says that once a person has the idea of what he wants to achieve it becomes easy to guide him/her on marketing, operational logistics, building up a team, managing finance and accessing and managing risk. He says that once these five sectors are well catered for they will yield a successful business from the initial startup idea.


More about Glen Wakeman


Prior to founding his company, Glen Wakeman worked with General Electric where he had managerial experience in different sectors of the company. He was also the Founder of Nova Four, a business advisor that provides mentorship and assists budding companies to access funding. He attained his MBA from the University of Chicago and also attended the University of Scranton where he received his BS in Economics and Finance. Wakeman has lived in six countries and worked in more than thirty countries.