Clay Siegall Leads Scientist Is Fighting the Cancer Menace

Clay Siegall is a co-founder of Seattle genetics which started in 1998. Clay is the CEO and President. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dr. Clay Siegall is a polished scientist with a focus on specific cancer therapies. He was inspired to start the Seattle Genetics outfit by the urge to promote innovation in the field of science. He intended to conduct in-depth research that seeks to understand the cancer pandemic and other conditions that trouble patients, including developing drugs based on best research and science practice.

Dr. Clay Siegall is Compassionate with Patients

He has always had a deep sensitivity to the condition of patients. He was inspired by patients to start a science and research center so as to find a way to arrive at faster solutions to patient problems across the spectrum of diseases. Seattle Genetics is now a trendsetter in the drug development research field. The research firm is a global leader in developing anti-drug conjugates, also commonly referred to as ADCs. The company managed to convince the FDA to grant it its first approval of the ADC product coded ADCETRIS. The Center collaborates with Takeda Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and has succeeded in launching the conjugate on a global scale. It has secured approval in over 65 countries across the globe. The research, and drug development firm has already developed a diverse supply line for the supply of ADC for treating cancer.

Creating Awareness about ADC and Distributing It to Reach the Cancer Patients

Dr. Clay Siegall’s company, Seattle Genetics has got into several licensing arrangements as a strategy to promote the ADC technology. Some of the firms it has engaged include Gentech, GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, and Pfizer. So far, the companies have collected revenue exceeding $350 million. Seattle Genetics says that there are over 20 ADCs under clinical development process using the Seattle genetics technology.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

He is a co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He holds a Ph.D. in Science Research. Dr. Clay Siegall is the current Chief Executive officer of the company and also serves as both its president and the Chairman of the Board. Seattle Genetics is a leading cancer research company that has produced several working therapies for cancer, including ADCETRIS.

Enter Jeunesse Global

As an eminent age-reversal company on the multi-level marketing (MLM) platform, Jeunesse has proven itself an honest solution for those who are looking to take on an entrepreneurial role as well as those who want to undo the many years of age acceleration that’s been caused by the unnatural lifestyles we live today. Fired up in 2009, this alternative health and wellness company was created by Randy and Wendy as they exited retirement to begin new lives as pioneers in the age-reversing side of the medical market. Their commitment to the development of their Youth Enhancement System has proven incredibly successful and continues to grow more popular by the day.

The Youth Enhancement System

The founding tenets of the company were based on the noble concept that nature still holds the title of most powerful technology ever, and this is never reflected better than in the power of the body to bounce back from its own falls. The problem today is that our processed diets and highly sedentary lifestyles in conjunction with an over-reliance on computers has deprived us of the physical and mental provisions that are needed to stay healthy. Worse, the body isn’t receiving all the nutrients that it needs to recover from its own illnesses.

As such, the Youth Enhancement System is introduced into the body using several forms of media that take the form of liquids, powders, gel packs, capsules and others; these are used to help the body absorb the specific nutrients that are present in each of the nine product categories in the Youth Enhancement System. The nutrients themselves are all-natural and impart several benefits to your well-being, including:

  • A sleep-enhancing blend that helps you stay tucked in all night and wake up feeling refreshed
  • A juice mix that replaces coffee and energy drinks to get you rolling more quickly
  • Mood-lifting and energy-promoting formulas that keep you flexible, quick on your feet and ready for anything
  • A unique protein blend that sharpens your mind down to a razor’s edge
  • Fitness enhancers that encourage the conversion of fat to muscle while keeping your appetite under control

The Scientific Research And Beliefs Of Jorge Moll

Brazilian neuroscientists have begun to reveal the nature of morality. Scientists have made the discovery the brain hides traumatic memories. As the D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching’s Director, this subject is of interest to Jorge Moll. He believes there is a deep neurobiological basis rooted in morality and feels what is important is each individual’s values and not the values themselves. He sees Brazilian society as hedonistic and feels this is influenced by creation, culture, and genetic inheritance.


Jorge Moll has studied altruism’s foundation and believes people come together through their affinities ( This can be a football team or a religion, but these emotions are distributed by the brain and linked to emotions. The adaptation of morality is a combination of abstract social concepts and emotions. The perception of what is laziness or generosity. Jorge Moll believes these concepts are processed by the anterior temporal cortex of the brain and acquire emotional relevance.

Neuroscience uses a variety of tools to understand the networks of the brain, and brain activity is measured with magnetic resonance. This is how Jorge Moll participated in a classic study regarding altruism. In 2006, the team’s results showed making money and donating activate the same reward system. Another moral compass is the study of psychopaths because their lack of morality indicates a neuropsychiatric disease. Although they have the capability to make moral judgments, their actions are not in accordance.


According to Jorge Moll, there is a large capacity for attachment in human beings. The people who help guide his life and share his affinities are the ones he values and clings to. He believes attachment is important regarding human morality but can lead to irrational attitudes when without discernment and in excess. He sees this when a team is defended despite playing poorly, or a political party receives support when they are unable to admit to crimes perpetrated by the party or their members. Morality is now seen by researchers as an emerging property. Select behaviors evolved because they guaranteed the individual would survive. When values are violated or threatened, a society can lose values and become easy to manipulate.

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