Brazil’s newest 5 star “hotel-hospital”

Rio de Janeiro, known as the “wonderful city” to the Brazilian culture, is an important region in the coast of Brazil and has had the pleasure of the inauguration of a highly promising hospital called Copa Star. After three years of construction and planning, the hospital that was opened to the public in October of 2016 brings in a health care package with higher standards than what Brazilians are accustomed. The hospital comes with comfort, luxury and qualified staff with highly technological and up-to-date equipment. The hospital was meant to provide quality care to citizens of higher income.

The architectural plan and the way the hospital was designed cause it to look more like a luxurious hotel than a hospital, but that was part of the intentions of the São Luís D’Or Network. Patients being treated in this hospital will be able to utilize most modern medical equipment available, like using the functions of an iPad to make commands. For example, clients will be able to initiate a conversation with their doctors while absent, call a nurse or request particular attention in their room. The room is also connected to technology by allowing the patients to open and close the curtains from the bed, along with other possible features. It is extraordinarily accommodative. The staff hired by Copa Star is highly prepared to give a quick and quality attendance as well. Copa Star favors communication between patients and their families with ease. View the design at RafArquitetura

It was estimated that the hospital accommodates a total of 150 hospital beds and 105 rooms. There are nine surgery rooms and a special room for diagnosis analysis. The design of the building was also methodically planned to provide the best accessibility, with 21,000 m² and seven floors to always have room for a significant number of patients.

Just because the hospital was designed to cover patients who can pay for the best treatment, that doesn’t mean the hospital is not available to citizens with a lower income. Copa Star allows patients to be attended through what is called “Convênio Médico,” which is a monthly fee you pay to have access to different medical needs without having to pay for them upfront.

The primary importance of having a hospital with high-quality treatment in Rio de Janeiro comes with the accessibility of local people not having to fly to another Metropolitan region like São Paulo just to have a health care that is more in-depth and embracing than what you can commonly find in public hospitals. The particular treatment is not exactly meant to accommodate famous people with higher standards but also offer better possibilities for people with disabilities.

The network of Copa Star counts with a team of more than 550 collaborators as well as more than 100 well-trained doctors. Read more at about Copa Star.