The RealReal Is Becoming Top Luxury Retailer

Millennial shoppers crave getting style inspiration from social media. Influencers, brands, celebrities and friends can use social media as a way to express themselves to potentially millions of people. The RealReal has been able to conquer this extremely well. Young shoppers who crave the luxury brands but don’t wish to break the bank head to The RealReal. This top luxury retailer has a major following of customers on their website and are beginning to establish physical locations on both coasts of the U.S.

Customers flock to this company due to how they know they can bring in gently used items and pass them along to another fashionista. They enjoy the culture The RealReal has created. A customer may see a pair of heels on social media and make a purchase from the website. After a couple of months, the owner of the heels may decide to sell the heels back to the store. Then they look for a new item. The RealReal has created a cycle of fashionistas who are constantly looking for new items just for a temporary basis.

These items include many thing. People buy from The RealReal diamonds worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sunglasses, rings and scarves are some of the accessories they sell. Color combinations, trends and the hottest items on the website and in store can be seen from their Instagram. This company has completely been able to tap into digital lovers of fashion by creating one of the most popular online destinations for luxury items that have been previously owned.