Marc Beer Hopes to Change the Lives of Women With Pelvic Floor Disorders

Renovia Inc’s Chief Executive Officer, Marc Beer, has some big plans for the future of the pharmaceutical company. Their latest round of fundraising gave Marc Beer’s Renovia around $42 million to work with, this includes $10 million of debt. With a focus on the disorders associated with pelvic floor disorder, women everywhere will soon see big changes to how their disorder is treated.


The products that Marc Beer and Renovia are using these funds to develop include products that will be used for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. It is estimated that 250 million women around the world suffer from these disorders that can include symptoms like discomfort, pain, and urinary incontinence. Renovia Inc. has already had one of their products approved for use in the United States in April.


One of the earliest investors in Renovia, The Longwood Fund, is putting their faith behind Marc Beer and his company once again for the 2nd round of funding. The funding for Renovia was put together and led by Perceptive Advisors of New York and Ascension Ventures of Missouri. Marc Beer is satisfied and excited about the funds that were raised for the products in development.


Currently, there are 4 different products that Renovia is in testing in development stages with. One of these products is a new version of their device that was approved by the FDA. With the help of these funds, Marc Beer hopes that their plans will be able to be brought to market soon.


Marc Beer is excited to have The Longwood Fund back on board with their company during this round. The investors that have put their faith into Renovia share the same vision as Marc Beer. They want to be able to treat and diagnose these problems that plague so many women in more effective ways.


Their new products will include a digital platform that will allow customers access to the newest treatment options available as well as information about their condition. In addition, Marc Beer believes that the sensor technology used by the Renovia exclusively will have a huge impact on pelvic floor disorders. Over time, the cost to treat pelvic floor disorder is expected to go down and a better understanding will be gained of the medical issue.


Marc Beer has a decade and a half of experience in the financial side of the medical industry. He has worked with pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology. Renovia was founded by Marc Beer in 2016 with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias. Marc Beer graduated from Miami University in Ohio with a Bachelors degree and is part of the school’s Business Advisory Council. Learn more :

Alex Pall’s Love for Music

Alex Pall is a colleague of Andrew Taggart in the band called Chainsmokers. The duo recently released a track that has hit the masses called “Closer.” They featured with the famous artist Halsey. Alex Pall and his friend have also succeeded in producing more single tracks in the recent past, which are already gaining momentum in being featured on radio shows. Most artists sing their songs unlike for DJs who rely on the songwriters and vocalists to make their songs have some human element. For Alex Pall, though a Dj has decided to personalize their brand by doing it all on their own. They have a vision of being recognized, identified in the music industry, and build a clean name. They aim to keep evolving as their audience also grows.


Alex Pall grew up in the field of Dj-ing. At that time, it was a hobby to him though at some point it paying his bills. During these times, he encountered a manager who introduced him to Drew. They met, talked, and agreed to begin working together. What made the two connect is the fact that they shared similar visions and dreams. Again, everyone had unique gifts in him or her that they would complement each other. For example, Drew was a talented producer while Alex was a Dj gig. They could meet any time and begin working ensuring that they finish the projects on time. With time, it grew to be an adventure that is more passionate that both enjoyed.


The duo expresses their feelings through the songs. That is why Alex Pall clarifies that they do not entirely rely on songwriter though they engage them at some point. He says that they generate the lyrics of the songs. It helps the audience in identifying with them in a personal way. Alex Pall expressed his gratitude for being in collaboration with Halsey. He pointed that she was among the artists that they would have loved to work with and that was a dream fulfilled. He added that Halsey is unique and refreshing in how she handles music. She is real and has a very strong vocal.