When I first heard about TeenSafe, I was skeptical on whether a software program would help me establish the best digital practices for my teen. With the mood swings and erratic behavior that define teenage, I was sure I needed some extra help to navigate through, but I did not know what it was yet. Long story short, I took a shot at TeenSafe, and I do not regret. Some of the lessons I have learnt about parenting in the digital age include:


  1. Limit the time they spend on the screen:


Telling a teenager to put his phone down can elicit horrible reactions. As parents, sometimes we are tempted to allow them to play with their gadgets the whole day to avoid the Tsunami of emotions that might erupt if we enforce rules. TeenSafe software gave me tips on why it is important to limit screen time.


  1. Prevent them from engaging in distracted driving:


One of the greatest fear for a parent with a teen is getting a call that they have been involved in a car crash. Yet with the constant use of gadgets, statistics indicate the 12 per cent of all crashes were from using phones while driving. The checklist that TeenSafe provides gives a guide on how to shield your teen from using their phones while driving.


  1. Protect your child online:


Even though teenagers want people to treat them like adults, they are still young and vulnerable. That is why they are easy targets for pedophiles and cyber bullies who can use smart phones to lure them. It is important to monitor their activities and guide them so that they do not fall prey to people who want to use them.


  1. Smart phone use can provide base for conversation about responsibility:


Your teenager should know that the smart phone is not just a gadget for communication. It is a tool that can be used to harvest personal information that can land them in trouble. TeenSafe empowers parents on why it is important to have a contract with the child. They should know that with responsibilities come consequences.