Many people know that a good time is when you have friends around, an extra income and of course a glass of wine to cheer you up. The Travelling Vineyard that considers the consumer’s interest as its most crucial approach and looks keenly at its wine guide to make this happen. The strategy of direct delivery to its customer seems to be working brilliantly for them as numerous friendship networks are built during the wine tasting period. Wine guides role is eased and over storage of this particular commodity is reduced as they do not need to wait for an order to be placed for a delivery to take place. The guides reap significantly from the commission option the vineyard venture has offered, and those who want to increase their income have a chance to take advantage of it. With the most excellent flexibility ever presented to the Travelling Vineyard, the women take total opportunity depending on their workflow to make great earning at the same time finding it more flexible to engage in other activities or side hustle. In the beginning, one can do it on a part-time basis, and as time goes by, full-time engagement is inevitable due to the attractive package the venture offers.

Training materials are offered, and one does not need to worry trying to understand the business model of the Travelling Vineyard. As one gains the knowledge provided, additionally, social engagement is also part of the attractive package as one can interact and socialize with new friends. The friendship created also increases your sales network because; the previous meeting attracts many to join the business drawing more percentage income to yourself whenever the networks make sales.

Founded in 2001 November, Travelling Vineyard falls into the Winery, wines and spirit category with an operating model for direct sale to the customer and gives an attractive package to the ones joining a network of the wine guides that are on commission based as earlier stated. Richard Libby is the brain behind the venture that has attracted so many women to it to the point of some scaling it up to become a full-time venture drawing a lot of gains from it. Located in Massachusetts US, the investment has about 50 employees and with the aim of not only selling their products direct to the customer but to also allow the guides to form social networks and have a good time doing it. The guides also benefit from the top technologies offered through apps to get access to the Sommology a program that provides professional teaching on how to go about the wine tasting process. The senior leadership team also interact with the guides for motivations and even further coaching.