An in depth look at Eli Gershkovitch:

Eli Gershkovitch is the founder of Steamworks Brewery. Eli Gershkovitch always had an interest in visiting different breweries and observing the beer making process.Of course, Eli Gershkovitch never was shy about asking a great deal of questions when he would visit the various breweries.


Afrer graduating from law school over two decades ago Eli Gershkovitch he began traveling throughout Europe mainly visiting breviaries. He tasted several freshly brewed beers and spoke to brewery owners in order to gain more knowledge about the business (


Gershkovitch decided to utilize his law degree from University of Toronto therefore, he opened a law practice within the Vancouver area. In the meantime, Eli Gershkovitch continued to research his ambitions about one day opening his own brewery.


Eli Gershkovitch was particularly in the concept of steam power brewing. Steam Power Brewing at the time was a fairly new technique that in fact have been a distinct and rich taste.


In 1995 Eli Gershkovitch fulfilled his dream when he opened Steamworks Brewery (imbd). Gershkovitch started out with six different flavors of the beer. He works tirelessly at night after managing his law practice during the day. Steamworks did quite well and in 2013 Gershkovitch decided to build a full-service brewery.


Within 2 years Gershkovitch’s new brewery became one of the largest and most successful breweries in all of Western Canada. Eli Gershkovitch says that it was through his creativity and ambition that enabled him to succeed in his new business venture. In addition, Gershkovitch is a firm believer that you can not be afraid to take chances. Taking risks can sometimes pay off nicely.


Finally, Eli Gershkovitch is a successful businessman as well as an attorney. However, when his new business ideas turned into a phenomenal success he decided to abandon his law practice.

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