Brazil’s newest 5 star “hotel-hospital”

Rio de Janeiro, known as the “wonderful city” to the Brazilian culture, is an important region in the coast of Brazil and has had the pleasure of the inauguration of a highly promising hospital called Copa Star. After three years of construction and planning, the hospital that was opened to the public in October of 2016 brings in a health care package with higher standards than what Brazilians are accustomed. The hospital comes with comfort, luxury and qualified staff with highly technological and up-to-date equipment. The hospital was meant to provide quality care to citizens of higher income.

The architectural plan and the way the hospital was designed cause it to look more like a luxurious hotel than a hospital, but that was part of the intentions of the São Luís D’Or Network. Patients being treated in this hospital will be able to utilize most modern medical equipment available, like using the functions of an iPad to make commands. For example, clients will be able to initiate a conversation with their doctors while absent, call a nurse or request particular attention in their room. The room is also connected to technology by allowing the patients to open and close the curtains from the bed, along with other possible features. It is extraordinarily accommodative. The staff hired by Copa Star is highly prepared to give a quick and quality attendance as well. Copa Star favors communication between patients and their families with ease. View the design at RafArquitetura

It was estimated that the hospital accommodates a total of 150 hospital beds and 105 rooms. There are nine surgery rooms and a special room for diagnosis analysis. The design of the building was also methodically planned to provide the best accessibility, with 21,000 m² and seven floors to always have room for a significant number of patients.

Just because the hospital was designed to cover patients who can pay for the best treatment, that doesn’t mean the hospital is not available to citizens with a lower income. Copa Star allows patients to be attended through what is called “Convênio Médico,” which is a monthly fee you pay to have access to different medical needs without having to pay for them upfront.

The primary importance of having a hospital with high-quality treatment in Rio de Janeiro comes with the accessibility of local people not having to fly to another Metropolitan region like São Paulo just to have a health care that is more in-depth and embracing than what you can commonly find in public hospitals. The particular treatment is not exactly meant to accommodate famous people with higher standards but also offer better possibilities for people with disabilities.

The network of Copa Star counts with a team of more than 550 collaborators as well as more than 100 well-trained doctors. Read more at about Copa Star.

Sawer Howitt: Teenage Racquetball Phenomenon

The first game on January 21, he was matched against Jack Baldchun, and the second was on January 23 against Eric Poppleton. Both games are losses for Sawyer Howitt.

Even though Sawyers matches did not result in a trophy, his matches proved that his the skills to be a contender in the 2017 Oregon Racquetball Schedule.



Roberto Santiago Offers People A Day Of Leisure and Fun With Manaira Mall

The rat race is very stressful and frustrating. People often put in their best work throughout the week. Then when Friday comes, they are so tired and drained from the week. To make things worse, they don’t fully recover from the week over the weekend. As a result, they meet the next week with a lot of anxiety and dread. For one thing, there is a lot of other issues that they have to deal with that has nothing to do with work as it depends on the company. One thing that they need is a break from routine that can rejuvenate them. Read more articles on

Fortunately, Roberto Santiago has put together something that is going to give people a lot of rewards for the tough week that they put in. This place is Manaira Shopping mall. This is not just some regular shopping mall, this mall has plenty of other features that set it apart from other malls. Therefore, people can take a break from the rat race in order to have a lot of fun with the different events that they can enjoy at the mall.

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One thing that is recommended is that they put together a to do list that helps them decide on what type of activity that they can take part in so that they will enjoy themselves. For instance, one can go in to get some new clothes first off. Then they can stop at one of the food courts and enjoy some of the fine dining recipes. Then they can go to a movie that they want to see. Afterwards, they can take the time to either enjoy art or a concert as it depends on what is happening on the day that they visit Manaira Shopping mall. One of the good things about Manaira Shopping mall is that one can go there and create a lot of good memories. Then they can go to work rejuvenated. Check more on

How EOS Got Started

An article in Fast Company ( recently highlighted the steps that EOS took to emerge as a large player in the lip balm industry. Eos has experienced a great deal of success despite a limited history in the market and was able to capitalize on several different trends in the world to capture market share.

EOS lip balm noticed that customers were looking for an increasing amount of choice and quality in the products that they purchased, with the willingness to pay up for higher quality ingredients. Lip balm was no exception to this rule and due to the application of this substance on their skin, customers were looking for natural and organic options which differed from the products that were currently for sale on the market. Generally speaking, lip balm brands were made from petroleum jelly based products which were effective in controlling the damage done to lips from dry air and wind, but did not provide the lasting protection that all-natural alternatives did. Further, the flavor offerings of many lip balm products were limited in variety with the occasional cherry being included among mint and medicine flavored options.

EOS listened to the feedback they get on Facebook from customers of lip balm and understood the market trend and decided to create a product that was very different from the lip balms that were currently for sale. EOS offered lip balms that were made from higher quality bases like jojoba and coconut oil, and shea butter. While these products cost more to produce than the standard petroleum jelly based products (which is a derivative from refined oil), customers appreciated the higher quality ingredients and the longer lasting protection that it provided.

Eos then crated a wide range of flavors that captured the attention of customers and has since become a major player in Target and Walmart stores. Their success has allowed the brand to branch out in other ways and has turned into a company that is now emulated by the competition.

Passive Index Funds Are No Panacea

Timothy Armour recently wrote a column for CNBC about why passive index funds are not a cure-all for what ails the managed investment fund industry. High fees and excessive trading are a problem, to be sure, but investing only in passive index funds will expose investors to the risks of unexpected volatility or extended downtrends.

Recent surveys have found that only half of investors understand that passive index funds fully expose them to market volatility and downtrends. This might be caused by the length of the current bull market. If investors haven’t seen a protracted loss in capital markets, they may forget about the dangers of holding the entire market when it does turn against them.

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The reality remains that there are managed funds that outperform the markets. For example, an investor who had the insight to invest in the best of American Funds, such as The Growth Fund of America or The Investment Company of America, would have been able to beat the S&P 500 over the past 40 years.

Timothy Armour is the independent director of Janus Capital Group, Inc. as well as the independent chairman of AQR Funds. He has also served on the Board of Directors at Janus Capital Group, Inc. In the past Armour has been the managing director at Morningstar, Inc, president of the mutual funds division at Stein Roe & Farnham, Inc., and served on the board of Janus Capital Management LLC, AARP Services, Inc., and ETF Securities.

Timothy Armor received his Bachelor of Arts in Business from Gettysburg College and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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End Citizens United PAC- The Leader in Campaign Finance Reforms

The End Citizens United Political Action Committee was established in March 1st 2015s. Under grass root sponsorship, this new PAC was determined to reverse the ruling by the Supreme Court in the case titled “Citizens United”, hence the name End Citizens United. The aim of this committee is to reform campaign financing to discourage billionaires from buying elections.



What is End Citizens United’s Mission?



One of the ways End Citizens United intends to eliminate dirty politics is by electing in to power those who support campaign finance reforms. Those elected by End Citizens United will help in the fight to overrule Citizens United, outlaw unlimited cash in political campaigns, and end dark money campaigns.



Why Choose Democrats?



End Citizens United has only shown support for democrats, a gesture that leaves many wondering why they do not support republicans. The truth of the matter is that republicans are known to be in the way of campaign funding reforms. This means that they are also against the overruling of the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United. Since End Citizens United will only show support to candidates who acknowledge that the campaign financing should be reformed, Democrats are most qualified for their backing.



How End Citizens Hit the Spot Light



End Citizens United PAC, caught the world’s attention when they declared their intentions to reform U.S. campaigning system in 2016. The committee’s first order of business was to channel millions of dollars into campaigns for Democratic candidates. Even before it had gathered momentum, this new PAC had already gathered $2 million from grass root donors. The main aim of the committee was to amass $30 million for campaign activities.



The group’s main goal was to agonize for constitutional amendment in an effort to reverse the Citizens United ruling which was passed down in 2010. The ruling contributed to the rise of super committees, and allowed dark money to be injected into politics. So far, End Citizens United has received massive support from likeminded human rights activists, lobby groups, and voters, who are calling for Congress to form legislation that will outlaw the 2010 Supreme Court ruling. Shortly after being established, End Citizens United declared that it would be supporting 11 Democrats including former Wisconsin Senator, Russ Feingold, and Colorado Senator, Michael Bennet.



The main difference between End Citizens United and other PACs, according to Carbo, the committee’s communications coordinator, is that the former rallied behind candidates who believed in campaign finance reforms and were able to contest against the Citizens United ruling. Carbo, also reiterated that his group endorsed candidates who were at loggerheads with billionaire conservatives such as the Koch brother, and other dark money entities.


5 Important Steps To Hiring An Event Planner

If you’ve never hosted an event before, you may not know the important steps to hiring the right event planner who can translate your vision and ensure that your event runs without a hitch. A professional event planner can turn your dreams into a reality while saving you lots of stress. However, if you don’t know how to find the right one, you may end up wasting a lot of money and blowing your big event.


That’s why we’ve listed 5 important steps that everyone should know before hiring an event planner.



  1. Know the Who, What, When, Where, and Why


Before searching the internet for event planners in your area, figure out the objective of your event as well as general details. What is it for? What kind of venue is best for your event? When will it be held? Your planner will need this information from you in order to help you make big decisions.



  1. Know What Kind of Planner You Need


It’s important to determine what you want to handle versus what you want your planner to handle. Your planner will need this information upfront or things can get hairy.


If you want someone else to take care of all of the hard work, look into hiring a full-service event planning company like Twenty Three Layers. Based in New York City, this company can provide every type of service and vendor that you could possibly need. They will even handle setting up the room and adding decor.



  1. Get a Budget Idea


Your planner cannot help you make any decisions until you have a general budget in mind. It doesn’t have to be an exact number, but any planner will ask for this information upfront.



  1. Check References


An event planner may come across wonderfully during an interview, but check their resources before signing any checks. If the planner is professional enough, they will provide references upfront.



  1. Communicate


Since the two of you are working together to make your vision come to life, it’s important to keep in touch with your planner regularly. Notify them of any changes or new ideas that you have.


By following these steps, you will be on your way to hiring the perfect event planner who can make your creative vision come to life!

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